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Leo Muhammad: Speaks about HI-TECH LYNCHING

Expands on the Teachings Of the Most Hounourable Elijah Muhammad - Leo Muhammad

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History of America
Leo Muhammad showing that rich high class American lynch black people as a display of high status and it was not only the KKK but big name American leaders.

LEO MUHAMMAD: Student of The Honourable Minister Louis Farrakhan Speaking in London, Speakers Corner 4th June 2000

Leo Muhammad: HI-TECH LYNCHING pt.2

Leo Muhammad: HI-TECH LYNCHING pt.3

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Expands on the Teachings Of the Most Hounourable Elijah Muhammad
Leo Muhammad
About:Leo Muhammad was born in Jamaica Caribbean where he learned to cook at the age of 7, had a peaceful & happy life making the most of everything his family could find. At about the age of 9 years old Leo Muhammad moved to the U.K. where he and his family first discovered black oppression and racism. As a 11 year old black child in the U.K. he got into trouble with the local police and was sent to correctional programs many times. This process forced him to learn how to deal with bullies and face challenges directly. Later Leo Muhammad learned about the teachings of Elijah Muhammad and shared the word with the world.
Work:Leo Muhammad is a noble man who has seen many different life styles and he work to make life better for all. Leo Muhammad shares the Teachings Of the Most Hounourable Elijah Muhammad
More Info:Money, Good Homes and Friendship in all walks of Life;

is what God has promised us—the God Who came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praises are due forever, the Finder and Redeemer of us who were lost from our people and country for the past 400 years.

Quote from:

The Honorable
Elijah Muhammad.

My name is Leo Muhammad
I live my life based on the above promise and the following principles.
My daily search is for Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding.
My lifestyle and attitude are designed to promote;
Freedom, Justice and Equality, regardless to Creed, Class or Colour.

My Religion is Islam which means "PEACE" and complete submission to do The Will of God.
My daily practice is: Belief. Prayer. Charity. Fasting. Study. Works. Duty. Care. Cure. Life.
My everyday philosophy: "Do onto others as you would have them do onto you."

Learn about Leo Muhammad - Expands on the Teachings Of the Most Hounourable Elijah Muhammad.

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Leo Muhammad

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Leo Muhammad
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Leo Muhammad

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