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The Ankh

Advance Sacred Geometry Teacher - Cory Herter (Core Love)

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Cory Herter speaks about the greatness of the Ankh and how it effects his life.

The Ankh was a very powerful symbol in ancient Egypt. While many mythologies surround its meaning, the two most popular are: it is an Egyptian hieroglyphic that reads eternal life and equally important, it was considered to represent the Key of the Nile, which was the connection between the earth and the Afterlife. It is considered to represent the elements of air and water and thought by most people to be a healing tool. The Ankh has always resonated deeply with me, as has most anything Egyptian. As a young child, Egyptian hieroglyphics held such a fascination for me. When I was a teenager, I had a necklace with an Ankh and I wore it religiously. Without really knowing why . . . I guess itís some kind of internal knowing . . . I have always believed that the Ankh was magical in some way and could invoke incredible healing powers. Maybe thatís why the Ankh was one of the first symbols to appear in the Visions. Many times, when I was experiencing high-energy states, the symbol of the Ankh would appear.

This particular Vision occurred when I was sixteen years old. It was very unusual to me because it was one of the first times that I saw the gods, rather than the goddesses. As the process began, I passed through the usual stages of transition as the Energy surged through my body. I did the internal work of examination and assimilation and then quietly reflected on myself. This Vision wasnít one that I experienced with my physical eyes opened. Rather, this one occurred in the darkness behind my closed eyes. Whenever my eyes were opened, the Visions that did not have windows or portals, would take the form of the environment I was in, using matter and whatever objects were around me. Depending upon the Vision, sometimes the darkness behind my eyes was necessary to fully reveal what the Energy wanted me to visually experience.

I never knew ahead of time if the Visions would require open or closed eyes. This particular Vision required having my eyes closed, so very quickly into the process my eyes became heavy and droopy until they finally closed. As soon as everything went dark, I was instantly in another world of rotating colours that seemed to intertwine with one another. Gradually, I pierced that veil and emerged into a place of pure white light. Normally at this juncture, a portal would open in the center of the space. This time, however, layers of darkness were projected over the light, each layer containing a slice of information for me to experience. The layers appeared gauzy-like and they moved with a very gently vibration. They appeared alive dimensionally, even though they were presented as flat layers. This was new and I was excited by it, anticipating what I might see.

In the first layer of darkness, there was a big mountain with a small opening in the right side. I zoomed up to where I could see inside the cave. To my surprise, it was empty, but I could tell it stretched far into the mountain. Slowly the inside of the cave began to brighten up as clouds of liquid light rose up from the floor and rolled towards the entrance. Four men appeared in this light and began walking towards the entrance where I was standing . . . in absolute awe of what I was seeing. I knew the men were not ordinary . . . they were gods and the intelligence and power within them emanated outwards like sunrays. As they walked, mystical clouds tinted with very light pastel colours, gathered around the lower part of their bodies and rolled along with them.

One of the gods had his hands behind his back and as I watched, he brought his hands to the front holding a very large Ankh Staff. It was brilliantly gold in appearance, about five feet tall and maybe two feet wide. At the top, in the center of the ring, there was an enormous ruby. Its variegated shades of dark red refracted the light like a prism. I could literally feel the energy emanating from the Staff and realized that it was extremely powerful. It was a tool of the gods. The powerful energy that flowed through and all around the Ankh came from these Beings and only a god who had attained a master level of Energy could use it.

When they were only a few yards in front of me, there was a blink and we were inside an Egyptian temple. The instant relocation, and I do mean instant, like the blink of an eye, is some kind of a travel-warp in time and space. Instant is simply not a good enough word to describe the experience.

There was a coolness inside the Temple. I could feel it rising from the marble floors and out from the giant columns that lined the interior in two perfectly measured rows. It was a massive Temple, so large that I was sure any sound would echo. Even though there were several men talking together in groups many yards away from us, there was a majestic silence that pervaded the marbled environment. I have always felt a deep connection with Ancient Egypt even though I have never been there in earth time. I was in awe of what I saw and what I felt. The experience was as real as if I had been there in earth time. I witnessed the god who was carrying the Ankh and his three companions circle around an elderly woman who was lying on a table. The god raised the Ankh and a soft white healing light cloaked her body.

I warped (my term for instant travel) to the outside of a large and ancient pyramid. The four gods stood on the sandstone steps as an army of many hundreds began approaching. The air became electrified with the raw energy of war. Strangely, the energy was not full of hate or rage. I donít know of a word that could accurately describe the energy that permeated the air. It was more of a solid feeling, like a rock that was immovable. Intuitively, I sensed an ancient-ness to the quarrel of the war, as though the same fight had been occurring for centuries. As the army moved in closer and closer, I could see a wall of resistance around the gods. They appeared more solid and the leader held up the Ankh like a Staff and angled it slightly downward. Time slowed down as a ball of brilliant red fire began building in the front of the ruby. When it was ready, the god mentally released it and it shot out from the Ankh and flew towards the army. It hit the ground squarely in front of the first line of offense and exploded. The men fell to the ground in disbelief. It took a few minutes before the ramís horn was sounded and the commander of the forces called for retreat. They had witnessed a power they knew nothing about, other than the fact that they were powerless to fight it.

The next warp took me to the construction of a building. A large hewn stone, cut to be a lintel, needed to be lifted and placed on top of the columns. The god, with his three companions, raised the Staff and with the infusion of the godís mental energy, the Ankh raised the stone and set it into place. And then, the vision faded out and I opened my eyes in amazement.

The Ankh was used as a converter and magnifier of the godsí energies. This was possible because the gods had control of the Energy flow of their bodies. They had the power and knowledge necessary to harness and direct that Energy into the Ankh. I think the Vision showing the construction of a building was a metaphor to show me how our bodies hold the same possibility to direct energy. The oldest forms of architecture are the post (columns) and lintel (the crossbeam that sits atop the posts). Together this form creates a doorway, allowing for things to come and things to go. Perhaps the Vision is a reminder of the power and concentration that we need to develop to reach our highest physical potential. That sounds like an overwhelming task, but the Vision demonstrates that the process is clear and straightforward. Two posts and a lintel and you have a doorway to almost anything.

Since that experience, in the back of my mind, I have wondered what it would take to build an Ankh like the one in the Vision. I was sixteen at the time and as I have matured, I have realized that probably, there are earth tools like the Ankh that are able to harness and direct the energy of the body. The issue to be addressed is how to activate the bodyís full potential, so that energy will be available to be harnessed and directed.

The four Beings in the Vision were gods. I realized the great gift of what I was allowed to see and I felt humbled by the honour. I thanked them silently with my joy and appreciation and I continue to hold in my heart my appreciation for such a great gift.


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Advance Sacred Geometry Teacher
Cory Herter (Core Love)
About:When Cory Herter AKA Core Love was 10 years old he got into a car crash and it damaged and he had a out of body experience. Because of his damaged brain over his life he had over 300 near death experiences and every time he went to the other side he learned some really amazing things and he was given technology to heal his brain.
Work:Now Cory Herter is helping people all over the world learn the art and science of Sacred Geometry.
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